Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Why. Just Why.

All this violence, all this destruction. It is all so senseless.

Today I drove past Reeves Corner and had to explain to my two curious little girls why the building was a wreck. I told them some very naughty people got together to cause as much trouble as they could like starting fires and stealing. Clara said they should be put on a step, Phoebe suggested a Dungeon.

The horror last night of looking out of my living room window and seeing an enormous black cloud of smoke rise into the sky, realising that the footage we were watching on the television was being filmed by the helicopter we could see circling and seeing the coverage of all those people loosing  their homes and businesses will stay with me a long long time. I feel sickened by it all, angry with those involved in such mindless thuggery and so much pity for those who have lost through it all.

Tonight my town is quiet but I still feel on edge. My children begged me to stay with them tonight as they are unsettled by the "naughty people". How dare these idiots make us feel like this, how fucking dare they do this to anyone.

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december said...

It is totally mindless and so very upsetting. My heart goes out to all of those affected, including you and your children.