Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My daughter the adventurer!

The 4 brats were given the chance to choose what they wanted to do today. As it turns out French France in the Alps DOES do hot... 30+ degrees of hot if the car thermometer is to be believed! Clara, Rowan and Lexi chose a ride in the bubble car, which I am reliably informed made the ticket seller laugh a lot as they literally went up to L'etape, walked out of the exit, round to the entrance and came back down again! Then they had a ride on the horse bikes which has been long anticipated:

I am assured by both small girls that they had marvellous fun. Rowan liking the fake horses decidedly more than the real ones she tried the day before.

Phoebe, however, chose the Tree Top Trail. We were dubious as to whether she would go through with it or understand all the rules but she surprised us by not only paying close attention to the instructions she was given and, for the most part, obeyed them! She then went around the course twice loving every minute of it!

As we headed home later we saw some one landing from Paraponting (aka jumping off a mountain with a parachute attached) and asked if she could try that next time! Oh boy!

These activities were followed by some serious play in the lake. Which may or may not have been warmer than the previous visit but as it was a darn sight warmer weather-wise all 4 children after getting past the "bits and tits" were in the water mostly merrily with large ring inflatables!

Once we headed home they were given an al fresco bath in the paddling pool, tea, tech and then bed before the grown ups enjoyed a couple of slabs of black and blue meat!

A fine fine day!

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Daisy78 said...

She did really well, I don't think my 8yr old would have done that. Go Phoebe!
Sounds and looks like you are all having a good time.