Friday, 13 May 2011

Friday the 13th from HELL

Dear GODS! What have I done to deserve your wrath?!

Today has sucked, big time. Clara has been in a foul mood since the moment she woke up until the moment she finally passed out. Her last words were telling Phoebe to shut up because she was trying to go to sleep. I mean she threw a tantrum when I said she could go to her Dopplegangers house for a playdate on Monday! Phoebe has been ok actually, possibly aided by the fact I now chat with a couple of Mum's after school meaning she can rough house to her hearts content with their sons. And she took it on the chin when I said no DS tonight as she got a warning.

I had to pick up the money pit car today which cost a bloody fortune. Put it this way I could have 3 Ipad2's for the same amount! Instead I have fans and breaks that work and I will be grateful for them. If you listened carefully you could hear my poor credit card sobbing as I punched in the dreaded numbers!

As if that wasn't enough my hoover declined to work for me. I changed the fuse (broke a fondue fork in the process) and tried 4 different plugs but nada. Just as I am planning which hoover to replace it with Paul comes home and with one deft yank of the cord unhooks it from where it had got pinched and I hadn't seen. Don't you just HATE that?

However I have lost 4lbs and this is a Very Good Thing. I also have pink wine and a indian take out headed my way so things should start improving momentarily....ahhhh pink wine.


Sam H said...

If I say that I got woken by Amelia 15 minutes before the alarm was due to go off and that on our first attempt at going out she threw up all her weetabix and apple juice all over herself and her beloved Poppy doll does that give you a clue to how I thought my day was going to go? Thankfully it was just a case of eating too much too quickly and the rest of the day did improve somewhat!

Muddling Along said...

4lbs is not half bad - go on give yourself a little credit and enjoy the pink wine