Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I do not like snow.

It snowed yesterday. When I woke up it was about half an inch and I thought it wasn't that bad and it would be business as usual.

Oh how wrong I was.

By the time I dropped Clara off to school at 9.30 it was more like 2 inches but it let up for a bit. By the time I got her at 12.30 it was about 3 inches and traffic was so slow it took me 20 minute to drive around the corner to get her. It then took me another 30 minutes to get to Mum who was camping out from the snow in House of Fraser. Just before I got Mum I had a call from a school mum to say the "school is closing" text went out. Arse. Another 30 minutes later we went to get Phoebe. Then we made a big mistake... in fact scrub that HUGE mistake. Because the traffic was so clogged going back to the house and Mum, Clara and I were hungry (it was approaching 2pm by this point) we travelled down to a pizza place about 3 miles away (ha, about... I googled it... 3.2 miles away to be exact). In that time we had big fat flakey snow, blizzardy snow and it was just getting thicker and thicker and thicker. So, come just after 3pm (and having neatly missed Clara's ballet open day, I have yet to see her dance... sob) we got back in the car hoping that traffic would have eased up a little. Ha. Ha. Ha.

4.5 HOURS later we finally pulled up outside our front door. In that time Phoebe and Mum dove out of the car and into a gym we happened to be passing so Phoebe could use the loo, Mum pushed the car twice (with help) as we got stuck, Mum dove out of the car to try and get an Iphone cable and Phoebe managed a 45 minute nap! Oh and we saw several abandoned cars and some spectacularly bad driving (I was thanking my lucky stars I have driving in snow experience from when we go skiing!).

Today has been a snowday. Paul couldn't get to work, Phoebe's school was shut (finally on the text system with the correct number) and if Clara's was open I didn't care as I wasn't going to attempt walking her up there. Paul did the Daddy Duty of snow play inbetween working and I even managed to sneak into town to return some boots. Not a total bust but I am hoping the snow eases up / goes away by Saturday as I don't want Phoebe's party to be banjaxxed by the rotten stuff.

I shall leave you with a pic of the 3 snow bunnies:

(the real bunnies are hiding in their bedroom and are very very unimpressed by the cold white stuff).

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