Thursday, 2 December 2010

Bunnies and snow.

It is so cold out there at the moment I felt sorry for the rabbits being in the hutch and chilly so I went to the petshop nearby and bought the non to cheap microwavable pad for them. When it was warm I took it out and both bunnies shot to the door to be let out. I thought what the hell and let them out to play a little bit. They went loopy exploring the newly white and cold garden. Lots of running around and bouncing, very cute! I also discovered they come when they are called now as when I did they both pelted across the garden towards me. This meant I was able to get some cool shots of them!

Kit and Little Brown Cat were being far more sensible and each camped out at a (different of course) radiator for the day. Happy beasties all around!

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