Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Breathing Out.

Oh I have been a naughty naughty blogger haven't I. Whoopsy! But in defence life got hectic FAST.

So let's see my last post was about getting a dog. Said dog is now sat in my living room aged 16 weeks and is currently chewing a dog on a lead toy that he probably shouldn't be chewing but at least it isn't a table leg! He is white and black, lots of fun and is called Jasper (or Klepto the Wonderdog depending on how much is missing):

He is also the most gorgeous dog in creation naturally and he loves ME best!

We started Puppy School last week and he is a total smarty pants swot who will do anything if there is cheese at the end of it. And I did a PAWS course in August this year so we could train him to help out with Phoebe when she gets whizzy.

On the subject of Phoebe getting whizzy. Today we had our initial assessment with CAMHS and they have concluded that she is, indeed, on the spectrum. Right now I am mostly relieved that we weren't seeing things or imagining things. The full weight of the implications will hit me in time I am sure but I am determined to keep looking at all this as a positive thing because it is going to be an invaluable tool for us and we are all going to benefit from it. Phoebe remains non the wiser about it and was mostly thrilled that she got to sit in a room with toys all to herself and she got chocolate. Until we have a formal diagnosis we are planning on keeping it that way.

I do have massive thanks to do for my friend Karen who shared a fab report on her lovely boy which helped me write a similar one on Phoebe and then checking it over for me to make sure it read well. To MyBecky for her lovely report on Phoebe as a Pre-Schooler, Miss B & Miss M for their report on Phoebe the school child and Miss Penny for her report on Phoebe at ballet. Without all of these things and their unfailing support of both Phoebe and myself I am not sure we would have been able to be so conclusive. And, without wishing this to sound like an Oscar speech but not wanting to miss anybody out. I also want to thank Jane and Mike for being fabulous trail blazers for us. Seeing how ace Lexi is and how you have worked his ASD into life has been hugely inspiring and given us confidence in seeking help for Phoebe. All of our parents for being their usual supportive loving selves and Emma for standing by us and letting me rant when I need to!

We have a long road ahead still but with the constant love, help and support I know things are going to be OK. And really you couldn't ask for more! We feel we can breathe out a bit now, we aren't holding our breaths waiting for now. What ever happens, what ever the diagnosis we will get there.

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