Friday, 11 May 2012

Puppy Trial Run....

We have two furry visitors here at the moment. Mum's schipoo puppies Lolly and Poppy are here for the weekend whilst she and Rob are away visiting family. The girls have been ecstatic since their arrival last night and the puppies have been incredibly well behaved too!

Most excitingly this is a bit of a trial run for us as we are planning our own furry friend in September. We must be utterly cracked to think about this seriously but we have done all the research we can do. We are looking into puppy prep classes so the girls will be prepared properly. And we are hopefully going to do a course with PAWS so that the dog can be a companion for Phoebe to help her deal with anxieties (give her a focus) when we are out and about. With that in mind we bought Phoebe the RSPCA How to look after a dog book and she is has been reading it voraciously since then. We are going for something a little bigger than these pups and are looking at Cockapoos. I am ridiculously excited and might already be planning names!

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