Thursday, 1 December 2011

Back... overwhelmed!

I know I haven't blogged for aaaages but things have been manic here!

Why did I take on the PTA... WHHHHHHHHY? Oh, that is right because no one else would!

I am feeling very overwelmed by everything at the moment... wonder why? Here is my "To Do List" for the next week

  • Tidy and clean house ready for Phoebe's Birthday party on Saturday
  • Make Hogwarts Cake for birthday party
  • Do the catering for the party
  • Find Clara a passable Snowflake costume... she has exacting standards.
  • Sort out final raffle prizes
  • Get volunteers for the Fete or I am going to be running it with just Emma for help (Paul will be in the FC costume in the Grotto).
  • Sort out the Tombola
  • Make 300 mince pie pinwheels
  • Make a Snitch Cake for Phoebe's School birthday party
  • Cater said birthday party
  • Set up school for Fete
  • Advertise Fete
  • Post mahoosive bag of stuff back to Baker Ross
  • Wrap family Christmas Presents.
  • Post Family Christmas Gifts
  • Fit in visit to Hamleys for their Friends and Family Evening.
  • Do all the laundry
I am telling you people there just isn't enough Gin in the world to help me overcome all of this. I am fretting that no one is going to show up to the Fete and I really do just want this to run fairly smoothly.

I am looking forward to a massive bottle of wine and a take out next weekend once everything is done and dusted!

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Muddling Along said...

I don't know how you do it all - really don't