Saturday, 24 September 2011

Operation Phoebe's Room Commences.

We made a decision a little while ago that we would put moving out of town on the back burner as we can't afford it right now. So that means I am able to indulge Phoebe and Clara in personalised rooms.

Phoebe is first up as her room is long overdue for a titivate. Now her window no longer leaks she has been allowed to pick a colour. Rather predictably she has chosen Blue so I bought a lovely pale blue colour. She has also been allowed to choose a theme, she chose Harry Potter and Hello Kitty. Right, so not too complicated then! We have agreed that the Hello Kitty side of it will be restricted to the light switch cover, bedding and night light already in residence and I will Harry Potter the rest.

So with that in mind and the cool stuff in this book that my lovely friend gave me for my birthday! :
at my disposal I made Phoebe a Potions chest!

I started with this:

from Ikea that I have had lying around the house forever. I painted it cream with some acrylic paints and then applied a load of the potion stickers from the book! This is the net result, I am tempted to varnish it to finish it off before we put the room back together though! :

Phoebe is THRILLED. And quite agrees that it is better to store things like pens, pencils and the like that real potion ingredients. Mostly as we think letting Clara have access to Polyjuice Potion would be disastrous!

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KT said...

That is AMAZING! Goodness, Mr Jamie would be jealous. I may have to commission you for Christmas ... ;)